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Mewtwo X all the way!

After all these pokemon that came out. Mewtwo still proves he is the strongest, ultimate pokemon there is. I cant imagine how he'd fight now with his mega-evolution forms.

I dont think any other pokemon on the planet could have matched Deoxys like that.

That was one hell of a battle.

Tyranitar is that BUSINESS!
Lucario wasnt bad either. But Tyranitar was all up in that shit when it mattered most.

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Tyrant-D responds:


not bad

but it wasnt really all that great. The graphics and voice acting was fine, the concept behind it wasnt all that interesting.

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pretty cool fpr your first one.

Like somene said before me, give some time to read the text.
And it seem kinda fuzzy. Can you make the actual sprites clearer at least. The background wouldnt really matter as long as you can see the asprites clearer. They kinda blend in with the background too much.

Just some tips.

CubePanda responds:

thanks dude, thing is though on flash 8 on the thing they look normal, when you publish it they go purple -.-

Hold on

Did this guy just bust open a robot with a pineapple!? XD

funny as hell.

Thats some crazy shit. but in a good way. Funny as hell.
They didnt give a rats ass about that girl. lol. Kept calling here whore and talking about her like shit. it wa funny as hell. lol.

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Mr-No-Name responds:

I didn't even realize that, nice catch!

Wow amazing

This is great! I love this. The visuals are great, i really like how you had the water flowing. Everything about this was great. The sound wasnt that bad. The lip sync was off juust a little bit. This is really an interesting story. I saw the first episode long ago, I was wondering when the next episode of this will come on.

Pretty funny little pokemon flash

It was ok, my only thing is that it went through pretty slow chronically. It was funny to see the pikachu's as the nazis and the jigglypuffs get enslaved and they got guns adn the sqirtles came. but could the whole sequence of th emovie go on a bit faster, and the beginning was hard to tell what was going on, I didn't catch it until they started bringing them out the train. IT could had been a bit bettter though, but it was quite interesting.

this wasnt as bad as people made it seem

This is actually the best you ever did. I kinda got where you were going at at the beginning. When Master hand stopped using the purple copys, thats why that dream came up. But never gave a reason as to why he suddenly decided to stop using them and just came right out trying to kill everyone. Also The fights were pretty alright, but it was kinda too much happening at once, And where the blazing hell did crazy hand come from? no explaination or anything, you could had said that was Master hands brother or something.
What you could had did was split up the battles one group fights master hand and the other crazy hand, otherwise, the screen will be too crowded and there will be too many people on screen at one time. And every flash doesnt always have to have DBZ elements in it, but I dont mind seeing a mix of it in the fighting though. And thats my review. Take it to heart to help try to improve this even more. This flash series does have high potential if you do it right and follow through. Oh and one more thing, run a spell check every now and then.

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