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this wasnt as bad as people made it seem

This is actually the best you ever did. I kinda got where you were going at at the beginning. When Master hand stopped using the purple copys, thats why that dream came up. But never gave a reason as to why he suddenly decided to stop using them and just came right out trying to kill everyone. Also The fights were pretty alright, but it was kinda too much happening at once, And where the blazing hell did crazy hand come from? no explaination or anything, you could had said that was Master hands brother or something.
What you could had did was split up the battles one group fights master hand and the other crazy hand, otherwise, the screen will be too crowded and there will be too many people on screen at one time. And every flash doesnt always have to have DBZ elements in it, but I dont mind seeing a mix of it in the fighting though. And thats my review. Take it to heart to help try to improve this even more. This flash series does have high potential if you do it right and follow through. Oh and one more thing, run a spell check every now and then.

hey that's pretty nice

That's a nicely done movie right there. I liked it. some of the voices was kinda too loud though. but that's basically it. everything else was nicely done.

probably submitted this too early

You should had at least did a bit more before submitting this. nothing really happens in it. And kind of makes people lose intrest in it and really won't care for the next one.
you say he was going to end up in Mario world. could had at least ended it with him being there. that would make people what to know what is going to happen next. other wise this was quite boring.

Coolbrow responds:

Thanks i never thought of that I probably should have have ended like that. it would of been like a cliff-hanger. Thanks for the advice i will use that to my advantage in the future.


This was good as well as funny.

Thi was extremly funny and it was nicly done too. I'm looking foward to the next one. really.

That was freaking hilarious

Man it looked all cool andstuff then got to then end just went of and gobbled pikachu up. lol

Now that's good shit

Oh and by the way I'm talking about the flash not the shit. lol.

Hey pretty good

I liked that one. It was really good. i liked the slight humor in tha fight as well. I enjoyed watching that. it would be good to see a small story behind the fight though, or a story between the two worlds all together.

mr-sweden responds:

perhaps in the future.

If that isn't the truth I don't know what is. lol.

That was all so true. lol. Especially the end when it starts the WHOLE series back all over again. I used to hate that sooo much.

Hey that's good

It's a great looking animation right there. You did it very well. the fact who won or lost doesn't really concern me. The fact how you captured both of thier fighting styles and movements very well is outstanding. I liked that. Good work.

My only thing is you could had put some sound effects in it.

Hey that's pretty good.

I like it. That's funny. and it's real good how you sycrinized it with the audio. That's good. I like it.

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