Favorite Audio

Cosmic Fire Video Game Song
Mysteries in the Green Classical Song
Death Wave (Game Menu Music Loop) Heavy Metal Loop
Phase 3: Siege Machine Heavy Metal Song
Crossing the Narrow Sea Heavy Metal Song
Barricade Heavy Metal Song
Final Fight Dance Song
Celestial Fantasy Heavy Metal Song
Deadly Stealth Video Game Song
Ghardium Saga Classical Song
Giants Kingdom Heavy Metal Song
VeXy - Winter Trance Song
VeXy - The Rain (Hardstyle) Trance Song
Phoenix Ambient Song
Legacy [Electro / Trance] Trance Song
GTB - Ascending To Heaven (Demo) Trance Song
Cycle of Extinction Trance Song
~'{Awaken}'~ Video Game Song
Egami Trance Song
~'{Night Sky}'~ Trance Song
Sky Chaser Video Game Song
Daemon 2 (BigBeat) Video Game Song
DJ-FarStranger - Nuclear Dubstep Song
Unfathomable Dubstep Song
Isolation... (remix) Dubstep Song
Diablo Hip Hop - Modern Song
Two fears (demo) Dubstep Song
Lost tears Techno Song
call the wolves Industrial Song
Corridors Trance Song
The Lost Entity - Balderd Techno Song
Fire Fly Industrial Song
Remix: Burning Facility (Routine Maintenance Mix) Industrial Loop
Dark Theme Industrial Song
Otherworld - Pirates... Classical Loop
Rising Sun Video Game Song
Oil Ocean Overture Idea Pop Loop
Retarded Windows Song Miscellaneous Song
~BH~ On The Edge Techno Song
~BH~ The Plea Trance Song
~BH~ Crystalline Cloudscape Trance Song
~BH~ Two Heroes Village Video Game Song
~BH~ Aurora Theory Techno Song
~BH~ DioSynth Techno Song
Ludum Dare 22 Video Game Song
~BH~ SunStorm Techno Song
Dj Otherworld - Dreamride Drum N Bass Song
VindicationV1 Industrial Song
Ephemeral General Rock Song
SkyDrive Drum N Bass Song
Crimson Crisis Video Game Song
ParagonX9 - Red 13 Video Game Loop
Chaoz Fantasy (8-Bit) Video Game Song
Ashes of a Forgotten Savior Experimental Song
Doomsday Warrior Remix Video Game Song
FFV:Home sweet home Video Game Song
FFV:Dragron spreads wings Video Game Song
=[O]= Sonic3 [IceCapRMX] Video Game Song
Dark Infinity Video Game Song
Seed of Perdition (Lavos) Heavy Metal Song
Ice Aura - Shattered Video Game Song
Remnant City ~P~ Miscellaneous Song
Pilot Video Game Song
Vectorman - Futuristic Ocean Video Game Song
Breaking strength Industrial Song
Dancing Flame Drum N Bass Song
-BlastProcess- Video Game Song
Legacy Video Game Song
Kai's Ghost Classic Rock Song
Chaos Confined (Metroid) Heavy Metal Song
Land of the Mystic Cinematic Loop
Hope Dies Last Heavy Metal Song
Stone Sleeper Heavy Metal Song
Divine Knights Heavy Metal Song
The Ghoat - Disto v2 Techno Loop
Insatiable (ins) Heavy Metal Song
Plauges Of Asgard Heavy Metal Song
DenX - In Absentia Heavy Metal Song
Main Theme - Chrono Trigg Heavy Metal Song
Hope Within Reach Heavy Metal Song
Epic With A Vengeance FINALv Heavy Metal Song
Dangerous Dreams Heavy Metal Song
Midnight encounter Trance Song
Shadrock: Astral Assault Heavy Metal Song
Flashburn - Revenance Trance Song
Stuck in Reverse Dubstep Song
Determination Video Game Song
The Destructor Miscellaneous Song
Spirit Temple (LoZ) Metal Heavy Metal Song
Neo Hell Heavy Metal Song
Black Hole Syndrom! Heavy Metal Song
Another DBZ-ish tune Miscellaneous Song
Space&Time Video Game Loop
Perfect Dark Datadyne Central Video Game Loop
PerfDark- Carrington Institute Video Game Song
Vectorman's Ocean Dance Party Video Game Song
Vectorman Ocean (Trance mix) Video Game Song
Vectorman Ocean Level Remix Video Game Song
Vectorman Ocean Antmix Video Game Loop